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About Soliant Consulting

Soliant provides custom, on-site training or can schedule classes in a variety of venues as your organization needs. As the authors of FileMaker’s Training Series, we can deliver as much of its core curriculum as your team requires, or our instructors can tailor a class around your internal FileMaker databases. We can scale the difficulty to any level of skill or background.

Visit Soliant's website for FileMaker resources, downloads and discussion and please contact us if you’d like to schedule a class.

ABOUT SOLIANT - Custom Business Solutions & Apps

Soliant Consulting specializes in building custom FileMaker solutions, Web integrations using PHP, Ruby on Rails and SQL, and FileMaker Go apps. We tackle information and process challenges faced by businesses around the world and are keenly focused on service.

Proven Track Record

Members of Soliant’s team have won an unprecedented seven FileMaker Excellence Awards, have co-authored seven books, have spoken at each annual FileMaker Developer Conference for more than a decade, and have written white papers and industry articles for major publications.

We have a long-standing partnership with FileMaker, Inc. In addition to platinum-level membership in the FileMaker Business Alliance, we count them among our largest clients. We have developed commercial products for FileMaker, Inc., written sample files that ship with their software, and have been hired to write the last eight editions of their authorized FileMaker Training Series curriculum.

Broad Expertise in Web Technologies

Coupled with FileMaker, the company also specializes in Web systems written in PHP or Ruby on Rails, JavaScript/CSS and is additionally steeped in MySQL, PostgreSQL and other open source technologies. Soliant has certified developers in all areas of its expertise, including project management. In addition to core technologies, the firm has worked with application platforms like Drupal and WordPress and has integrated FileMaker with Salesforce, QuickBooks, FedEx and UPS systems, and other specialized applications.

Go Mobile with FileMaker Go

As one of the leading FileMaker development firms in the world, Soliant can help design and implement a mobile FileMaker strategy that capitalized on mobile capabilities. We wrote FileMaker's technical brief introducing FileMaker Go and have now deployed dozens of mobile databases for our clients.


Our primary offices are in Chicago, San Francisco and Philadelphia, plus we have other development teams in areas around the country.

Methods of training offered

  • Client-site training
  • Customized training
  • Out of area training
  • Average number of students per class: 6 - 12
  • Number of full-time Trainers: 5
  • Number of part-time Trainers: 0

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* This number does not represent the total number of developers on staff. A developer may be certified in more than one version of FileMaker Pro.

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14 North Peoria St
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Primary Contact: Bob Bowers