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About iSOS


iSOS, as long-term FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Partners, have the expertise and insight to tailor database development to your specific business needs. Our work focuses on improving your organisation’s productivity, efficiency and accuracy.

We listen to you and work with you to gain a full understanding of your day-to-day workflow, allowing us to design a fully bespoke database solution. Every piece of the puzzle is important to us.

Your history helps us to understand what makes your approach yours.
What difficulties have you encountered along the way?
Where do you want to be in the future? Give us a sense of your priorities.

For many years, iSOS Developers have attended official FileMaker Experience days, seminars and webinars. We’ve even delivered training on databases and related technologies.


Over the course of our extensive experience as FileMaker developers, we’ve created a huge number of bespoke solutions for businesses and have delivered a very attractive return on investment.

We understand what organisations need when looking for database design and development, whether we are:

Building a new FileMaker database
Upgrading an existing one
Providing ongoing support for a legacy database

At iSOS we take client engagement and project specification very seriously. It’s the keystone for the delivery of any successful database solution.

We’ve deployed over 300 FileMaker Solutions for a vast range of businesses. Including:

• A process management system for an international publisher
• An integrated online and in-store stock management system for an independent retailer
• A sales, delivery and invoicing database with offline syncing for an artisan baker
• A lead-generation, bookings and resource management system for an association of nationwide chimney sweeps
• A multi-site database deployment for a leading University, which matches students to suitable training placements, records their progress and produces detailed reports for teaching staff
• Database and iPad integration to manage the production process for a high-end London retailer - from order and manufacturer through to invoicing and delivery
• A castings database for a London agency to manage and track auditions, interviews and bookings for jobs in film, television and theatre
• A job ticketing system to allocate and track the delivery of services at industrial estates throughout England
• A real-time stock management system for a global high-end retailer
See some more details of FileMaker database solutions we have developed: https://www.isos.com/our-work


iSOS have a passion for elegant database design and solutions. We are one of the few FileMaker companies that has in house Designers working with our development team, allowing us to seamlessly integrate flawless, intuitive design with efficiency. As standard our FileMaker databases include the following to guide the end user and help them to get the most out of their database:

Dynamic navigation menus
User-specific profile settings
Advanced search functionality
Intuitive sorting and filtering capabilities


We are often asked to build FileMaker Pro databases that integrate with client’s existing systems to facilitate their business objectives - whether that is growth, reduced overheads, increased efficiency or all three!

With over ten years’ experience as a fully accredited Apple Consultant Network and digital development agency, we have the incomparable expertise to integrate management systems ranging from FileMaker and Drupal to Xero, SQL and MySQL.

Do you want users to access the database remotely via a web browser using FileMaker WebDirect? Are you looking to optimise the functionality of your systems for touch screen technology like iPads or iPhones using FileMaker Go? We can do it for you.

At iSOS we are proud of our expertise to design, implement and support effective usage of API technologies to 3rd party software. Seamless integration is our number one priority.


iSOS have years of experience as on-site server, cloud server or database hosting providers. We have the in-house expertise to ensure the smooth deployment of your solution to a suitable network.


As experienced FileMaker Trainers, iSOS are pleased to offer bespoke mentored FileMaker training to ensure you and your team can utilise the full potential of your bespoke database. As FileMaker Platinum Partner developers, we are well versed in all elements of FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server, and can address any skills gaps or issues you may be having. We work with you to plan and deliver the right training programme to suit your skills, experience and business needs.


iSOS offer ongoing database maintenance to support you as your business needs develop. On every build we always assign a Lead and Secondary Developer so our in-house team is able to maintain any system we build. Some examples of how our maintenance can work are:
Remote access to your system for maintenance updates and support
Backup systems are set up as part of the database build and can be deployed as needed
Additional development can be agreed as needed

Rest assured, you’re in safe hands with iSOS.

Commercial Products

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